Rachel Bunting’s first collection of poems, Ripe Again, is currently available through the Finishing Line Press website.

What people are saying about Ripe Again:

“In these tender and searing poems Rachel Bunting explores the landscape of relationship, the gates through which we admit our truest feelings or shut them away. She opens the surface of love and friendship to show how they may braid or blur, offering redemption. We climb with her on a ladder of precise, surprising language from loss to a place of watchfulness and hope in this moving, thoughtful collection.”  –Juditha Dowd, author of The Weathermancer

“The first line of Ripe Again asserts, “You know everything,” then the book unfurls its banner of discoveries. Rachel Bunting, with this remarkable first book, announces herself with stunning noise – inspired sounds that gave rise to deep and fulfilling silence in me. There are real pleasures in every poem. “-BJ Ward, author of Landing in New Jersey With Soft Hands and Gravedigger’s Birthday

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7 thoughts on “Catalog”

  1. I am very impressed. At the moment I am working half time and unable to purchase a copy so I am certain I will miss out on your limited run. But from the pic the chapbook really looks fantastic. What are the dimensions?

    I am also fascinated by your theme, too. My MA is in Bible and I tend to read biblical literature from a literary standpoint.

    Much success to you!

  2. Egads, am I a redundant fool or what? “also fascinated…TOO…?” yeesch.

  3. Darryl,
    Thanks for checking in here – I appreciate your time!

  4. you go girl!!! woot!! just ordered mine – if possible, can you sign mine? pretty please?? :-))