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April 30: Wear Red to End Sexual Violence

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and you may recall that earlier this month I participated in Blog Against Sexual Violence Day. There are a lot of events that have happened during April to raise awareness of sexual violence, and I've missed a lot of them for a few reasons - but tomorrow is one… Continue reading April 30: Wear Red to End Sexual Violence

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Update: Cafe Press Rape Products

Cara at The Curvature has updated her entry about those horrendous rape-advocacy shirts available at CafePress. Though I did a brief search last night through their terms of service, I didn't find any info on the CafePress website indicating that there was any sort of restriction on the content marketed through the site. But this… Continue reading Update: Cafe Press Rape Products

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April 9: National Horrify Rachel Day

Seriously, it must be. First there was the whole clip from The View, totally dissing on Thomas Beatie. Then there was the frustratingly inane discussion in class about female suicide bombers (most of my classmates were absolutely opposed to the idea that female bombers could assume responsibility for their own actions; they were entirely convinced… Continue reading April 9: National Horrify Rachel Day

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standing at an intersection of silence.

So, today is a sort of Choose Your Own Adventure blog entry.Do you want to read an incredibly infuriating story about a woman who was forced to perform oral sex in a college dorm room, after which her rapist had the gall to join a Facebook group created in organization against sexual violence on campus?… Continue reading standing at an intersection of silence.

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This post is likely to get me in some trouble…

...or at the very least, upset a few people. But I think it needs to be posted anyway.a headline from CBS3, one of the local news stations:7 NJ Troopers Accused In Alleged Gang RapeThat's right, kids. Gang Rape by our state's finest.As most of you regular readers will know by now, I have conflicted feelings… Continue reading This post is likely to get me in some trouble…