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i smell the smelly smell of something that smells smelly

Don made a list, randomly, on his blog last night of his ten favorite smells. I'm all meme'd up lately, so here's my list of my ten favorite smells, in no particular order:1. the Pine Barrens2. baking bread, cookies, cakes3. oddly enough, Keba4. new car5. Jacob (after a bath)6. Play-doh7. cilantro8. the raspberry lotion from… Continue reading i smell the smelly smell of something that smells smelly

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Best. Stressful. Week. Ever.

As you may have noted from my whining here, it's been fairly stressful at work. So I am taking this opportunity to give myself a little comic relief - I present here, in the grand tradition of VH1's Best Week Ever, and AfterEllen's Best Lesbian Week Ever:Rachel's Best. Stressful. Week. Ever. Totally inane, completely useless,… Continue reading Best. Stressful. Week. Ever.

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monday afternoon quarterbacking: the commercials

Someone recently left a comment here that consisted solely of an Oscar Wilde quote: It is a curious fact that people are never so trivial as when they take themselves seriously. Apparently, it's a problem I have, taking myself (and the world around me) too seriously. Well, whatever, because I'm about to do it again:I… Continue reading monday afternoon quarterbacking: the commercials