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I mean, seriously: three separate entries over at Feministe today had me almost spitting Coke across my keyboard:First, this highly disturbing entry [trigger warning], which features a video of a police officer beating a 15-year-old female suspect. I just want to re-emphasize here: the girl was a suspect. Not convicted. Suspected. And while beating a… Continue reading OMFG

the interwebs

Lately, people on Facebook have been sending me friend requests, which is fine. Except that I don't know who they are. I mean, I know there are people who just friend everyone they ever come across, but I just don't understand that.Thank goodness for the ability to ignore requests.

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reading skippyjon jones at bedtime is suddenly not enough

is now up at Literary Mama.In other Jacob news, he decided last night that he wanted to submit a video to the iCarly website. We made several videos and submitted the funniest one; hopefully it will appear on the website and he will think he is famous.Here is one of the outtakes we didn't use:… Continue reading reading skippyjon jones at bedtime is suddenly not enough