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on having a voice and being silenced

I've been reading a lot of blogs lately that have a socially-conscious focus: feminism, racism, glbt stuff, motherhood. Generally I find it infinitely more satisfying to read about the social justice and civil rights movements than I do to read about academics and art, despite my association with the art world. And even if the… Continue reading on having a voice and being silenced

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It’s Friday, a day that ends in "y." You know what that means?

That means it's time for another celebrity to say something incredibly stupid.Meet Usher.He's hot:He's cool:He's sensitive:He's a talented singer, with a history to prove it: 30 million records sold, 5 Grammy awards and a record label of his own.He's also apparently an idiot.In a cover story interview for the July issue of Vibe Magazine, Usher… Continue reading It’s Friday, a day that ends in "y." You know what that means?

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April 30: Wear Red to End Sexual Violence

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and you may recall that earlier this month I participated in Blog Against Sexual Violence Day. There are a lot of events that have happened during April to raise awareness of sexual violence, and I've missed a lot of them for a few reasons - but tomorrow is one… Continue reading April 30: Wear Red to End Sexual Violence

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news and notes

A few women-centered notes this morning:Cara at the Curvature has a pretty awesome Open Letter to Eliot Spitzer up this morning.Top Chef returns tonight with Season 4 based in Chicago. This season presents an even split - 8 male and 8 female contestants. This is the first time there's been a balance since season 1… Continue reading news and notes