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this is when it’s really, really funny to have a son.

On Monday evenings, while I'm at class, Donna faithfully picks Jacob up from school, sorts the inevitable mountain of school paperwork into piles ("keep," "trash," "really cute artwork that Jacob made"), gets him started on homework and dinner, and hangs out with him until I get home at 8ish - just in time to get… Continue reading this is when it’s really, really funny to have a son.

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My professor handed back our first papers last night; I got an A. Hooray! Honestly, though, I worked fairly hard on the paper and would have been disappointed and a little surprised to see anything less. The prof also wrote some nice comments on it. Not everyone was so satisfied with the response to the… Continue reading

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I'm headed back to class tonight.Last week I didn't blog about class at all because I was too discouraged. So many of the women in my class are completely missing the point, underestimating the importance of feminism and a fight for women's rights in this world. One girl even went so far as to clearly… Continue reading

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i certainly haven’t been shopping for any new shoes.

I went to class again last night.With each evening I spend there, I am continually surprised, both by the optimism these young women have about our society and with the naivete they display. They are so composed that I often forget most of them are just about 18, less than a year out of high… Continue reading i certainly haven’t been shopping for any new shoes.

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everybody get together, try to love one another.

Last night, I watched a Real Momentum short documentary called Out on the Job. A brief description, lifted from the Logo website:Mateisha is a hairstylist who's in the closet at her salon. She's worried her religious boss, Antoinette, is about to discover her secret. Mateisha wants to come out before she's found out. But will… Continue reading everybody get together, try to love one another.


the grind

I'll be heading back to school in January. Yup, it's official - provided I can secure the appropriate government funding, I'll be enrolled as a matriculated student at Rutgers. I received my acceptance letter and admission packet this weekend, and I've got until December 12th to acknowledge my acceptance.I'm excited. I do enjoy going to… Continue reading the grind