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and it won’t matter now, whatever happens to me

Not too long ago, Donna and I were talking about the hows and whys of maintaining relationships and friendships: how do we choose who is most important to us, who shapes us in positive or negative ways? Why do we place such special significance on some relationships, despite obstacles of time, distance, personal differences? And… Continue reading and it won’t matter now, whatever happens to me

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standing at an intersection of silence.

So, today is a sort of Choose Your Own Adventure blog entry.Do you want to read an incredibly infuriating story about a woman who was forced to perform oral sex in a college dorm room, after which her rapist had the gall to join a Facebook group created in organization against sexual violence on campus?… Continue reading standing at an intersection of silence.

friends, history

I recently had a drunken phone conversation with an old friend. He was kind enough to indulge me for quite a while (I wince at the thought of the cost of that bill, as he lives in California, and if my call log is correct, he listened to me ramble for the better part of… Continue reading