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newsweekgate or whatever they’re calling it.

I haven't blogged about this for a few reasons (book ban, work, writing, tennis, karate, etc.), but I think it deserves some attention here, at least for the attention it's getting at Autostraddle: Ramin Seetodeh wrote an article for Newsweek about gay actors not being able to convincingly play straight. Alan Cumming (yes, that Alan… Continue reading newsweekgate or whatever they’re calling it.

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an open letter to the folks searching my blog

Thanks for visiting. No, really, thank you. I'm glad to know that you've found my new home here at WordPress, as I'm quite proud of it. And I'm glad that when someone searches "trans" or "transwoman," that my blog generates some hits. I consider myself part of the feminist community that wants to include transpeople,… Continue reading an open letter to the folks searching my blog

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I've been lacking in the social-awareness blogging lately, so I just wanted to bring to your attention:Iowa! (who'd-a thunkit?)andVermont!That makes four now, kids, what with stalwart Massachusetts and last year's Connecticut victory. California's still pending, and New Jersey's got civil unions - but activists here are pushing hard for marriage.Just a thought: if California overturns… Continue reading yay!