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at least i’ve maintained a sense of humor.

I'm currently reading an essay for tonight's class which examines the popular images of women in post-war America, and explores the cultural messages those images are meant to convey. The focal images are the lesbian and the prostitute, and the essayist (Donna Penn) use multiple sources (films, textbooks, propaganda and cultural attitudes) to show the… Continue reading at least i’ve maintained a sense of humor.

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news and notes

A few women-centered notes this morning:Cara at the Curvature has a pretty awesome Open Letter to Eliot Spitzer up this morning.Top Chef returns tonight with Season 4 based in Chicago. This season presents an even split - 8 male and 8 female contestants. This is the first time there's been a balance since season 1… Continue reading news and notes

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I'm headed back to class tonight.Last week I didn't blog about class at all because I was too discouraged. So many of the women in my class are completely missing the point, underestimating the importance of feminism and a fight for women's rights in this world. One girl even went so far as to clearly… Continue reading

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monday afternoon quarterbacking: the commercials

Someone recently left a comment here that consisted solely of an Oscar Wilde quote: It is a curious fact that people are never so trivial as when they take themselves seriously. Apparently, it's a problem I have, taking myself (and the world around me) too seriously. Well, whatever, because I'm about to do it again:I… Continue reading monday afternoon quarterbacking: the commercials

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everybody get together, try to love one another.

Last night, I watched a Real Momentum short documentary called Out on the Job. A brief description, lifted from the Logo website:Mateisha is a hairstylist who's in the closet at her salon. She's worried her religious boss, Antoinette, is about to discover her secret. Mateisha wants to come out before she's found out. But will… Continue reading everybody get together, try to love one another.

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Everyday Misogyny: Quote of the Week

Pardon the frantic updating; my brain is making up for yesterday's lack of entry. In case you were worried that misogyny and sexism were broad, poorly defined concepts existing only in dusty encyclopedias and dictionaries, I'm here to reassure you: both concepts are alive and well today. So, since I'm getting all political and feminist… Continue reading Everyday Misogyny: Quote of the Week

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standing at an intersection of silence.

So, today is a sort of Choose Your Own Adventure blog entry.Do you want to read an incredibly infuriating story about a woman who was forced to perform oral sex in a college dorm room, after which her rapist had the gall to join a Facebook group created in organization against sexual violence on campus?… Continue reading standing at an intersection of silence.