you will need: curiosity, kindness, stamina, a willingness to look stupid

(title taken from Austin Kleon)

I spent the month of April guest-editing the Poets Resist feature at Glass: A Journal of Poetry.

Let’s be clear: I haven’t written consistently in several years. I haven’t published anything in several years. I have felt disconnected, unmotivated, and demoralized. This has had very little to do with actual poets and poetry and more to do with my own feelings of inadequacy and crippling self doubt.

I volunteered to guest edit on a whim. I’m having a rough time at work and I’m trying to channel my energy back into things that make me happy, like poetry. So I posted a comment on the Facebook status where Anthony asked for volunteers. I saw other people posting – other poets whose work I have known and admired and felt awed by. I assumed that, if I made the list of guest editors, it would be several months from now. So imagine my surprise when Tony selected to me edit first.

And I’m glad he did. It was a wonderful experience, and I am so moved by the poets who are part of the Glass community. The poems I read every day were strong and brave and beautiful. They were full of anger and sadness and fear and cynicism and hope and love and patience. The poets whose submissions were not accepted were incredibly gracious about it – I received multiple notes of thanks in response to rejections. And the poets who were published as part of the series  – well, I don’t know how else to say it other than it is an honor to be the person who selected the poem for publication.

I feel encouraged and supported and valued. The Glass community is generous in so many ways, including with their praise. The poems I accepted resonated with me in very specific ways, and it is so fulfilling to know they resonated with others in similar ways.

Thank you, Glass poets.

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