hiking log, 5/7/17

  • Location: Franklin Parker Preserve, Yellow Trail
  • Time: 10 am – 1 pm
  • Distance: 6.00 mi
  • Pack Weight: 20 lbs
  • Time on Trail: 2:40:40
  • Splits: 
    • Mile 1: 21:56
    • Mile 2: 25:55
    • Mile 3: 34:50
    • Mile 4: 27:04
    • Mile 5: 27:02
    • Mile 6: 26:04
  • Weather: 54° mix of clouds and sun, slight drizzle around mile 3

Hiking with: Andy & Adria

Notes: The trail is marked on the map as a 5 mile loop; my iPhone’s GPS said it was actually 6 miles. Still, one of the best hikes we’ve had. Franklin Parker Preserve is beautiful and we found a lot of weird stuff to look at today. The first 2-3 miles of the trail ran through an area that had a recent controlled burn (I’d guess within the last two weeks). The ground was a bit muddy in places after this past week’s rain, but we were able to find a way through even the worst sections.

We found a rabbit’s leg bone, a set of front teeth of some kind, a long trail of coyote tracks, a bunch of old structures, a huge beaver dam, the remains of a snake, and some really good tent caterpillars. We definitely didn’t rush today, taking our time to look at what we were hiking through. The trail itself is not difficult and I imagine when the controlled burns are not happening, it’s well-blazed – but the blazes are plastic diamonds attached to the trees, so they melt when the fire comes through.

Our feet were yellow by the end of the hike from all the pollen we picked up.

I’m sore this evening, but nothing unbearable – left foot more than the right.

And no ticks today. 🙂

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