A few days late, but…

  • Location: Batsto Village, White Loop (Wharton State Forest)
  • Time: 11 am – 1 pm
  • Distance: 4.50 mi
  • Pack Weight: 20 lbs
  • Time on Trail: 1:40:00
  • Splits: 
    • Mile 1: 21:14
    • Mile 2: 26:44
    • Mile 3: 20:01
    • Mile 4: 21:31
  • Weather: 58° rising to 62°, sunny, low humidity

Hiking with: Donna, Andy & Adria

Notes: Beautiful day again. Managed to drag Donna out for a walk; despite early resistance, she was feeling good by the end. Lots of people on the trail, including a scouting group that was full of eager looking boys and grumpy dads. Kind of funny. I thought the trail would be swampy because we’d had some significant rain before, but it was clear.

So far, feeling good. The left foot is probably always going to be sore at this point, but nothing unbearable.

No wildlife of note, but also no ticks.