hiking log 4/9/17

After a long (long long) hiatus from blogging, I’m going to try again.

I started a hiking log by hand and filled that up pretty quickly; I figure it’s actually a bit easier to try to do this digitally now.

  • Location: Batsto Village, White Loop (Wharton State Forest)
  • Time: 10 am – 12 pm
  • Distance: 4.39 mi
  • Pack Weight: 20 lbs
  • Time on Trail: 1:43:56
  • Splits: 
    • Mile 1: 21:40
    • Mile 2: 19:18
    • Mile 3: 26:54
    • Mile 4: 27:36
  • Weather: 56° rising to 62°, sunny, low humidity

Hiking with: Andy & Adria

Notes: Gorgeous day, very few clouds. The trail was a bit soggy after a couple days of rain (big thunderstorm on Thursday; some of the trees were down along the trail). The parking lot was about half full at 10 a.m., and completely full when we finished up around noon. The trails were crowded – which means that we saw close to a dozen people along the way, hah. A couple of people asked if we had camped overnight, since we were carrying big packs.

Wore my Keens and felt pretty good. A bit of soreness in my left foot between .5 and 2 miles but loosened up after that. I used my poles the whole time, and I definitely noticed that I was wobbly by the end.

Best part of the hike: we paused around mile 3 for a quick rest and watched a small group of Pine Warblers flitting around. Two of the males appear to have been trying to intimidate us, based on this description of their behavior from the Cornell bird lab:

Males are aggressive in the early breeding season, in fall, and in winter. They chase other birds and indicate aggression by gliding or flying with stiff wingbeats toward and then away from their opponent, in a circle. Birds sometimes fight by flying toward each other and locking bills in the air.

They checked us out for quite some time – we must have been standing there for close to 10 minutes. Fun to watch, even if what they wanted was to eat our faces.

A few pictures:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

To be clear: the goal here is to start training for a Batona Thru-Hike again, tentatively scheduled for October 2017. I want to feel strong and flexible again, and hopefully make it through the training season without hurting myself so we can tackle the trail in October!


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