ready to strike

I returned home Friday from the week-long Krav Maga training course. It was intense and difficult, and I won’t find out if I passed until sometime later this week. I am proud of myself, though, for completing the program – pass or fail, I finished the week without quitting and I gave it everything I had in me. I learned a lot from the course about teaching, about Krav, and about myself.

During the week, I received a publication acceptance – Clipper Ship Hauling Songs, a new online journal, took three of my poems, including “How You Learn to Fight.” I wrote this poem about 2 years ago, shortly after beginning my Krav training. I wanted to capture the change I felt, the strength and the sense of diminishing vulnerability. It felt so fitting to receive this acceptance in the midst of my Krav training.

You can read the new poems here.

2 thoughts on “ready to strike”

  1. Congratulations, Rachel. I love “How You Learn to Fight.” Sending positive thoughts for good news on your Krav program.

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