so that one may walk in peace

In three weeks, I’ll be departing for a week-long intensive training course in Krav Maga. The goal of the course is to be certified to instruct classes. If I am successful, I will be permitted to teach Level 1 (yellow belt) classes at the school where I train. 

My contract is signed. My hotel is booked. I have a handful of krav t shirts and plenty of gear (gloves, pads, mouth guards, etc.). I have spent the past several weeks preparing for the teaching portion of the course by attending a special class intended to reinforce our teaching skills. I will go to this class a few more times, in addition to the physical training I’m doing. 

All that’s really left to do is to go there. 

I have an idea of what to expect there. The week will be, essentially, 40+ hours of physical workouts, culminating in a 4(ish)-hour test on all the level 1 techniques, and a 2(ish)-hour test on my ability to teach those techniques. It will likely be one of the most difficult things I ever do in my life, both physically and mentally challenging.

I am excited.

I am terrified.

I know what I need to work on. 

I am confident that I can do this.


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