NaPoMo Day 15

Nearly there – I am halfway to my goal of 30 poems in 30 days, and I have raised nearly $700 in pledges for the Bullycide Project! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check this out – it’s an amazing project and you can be a part of supporting it!

Today’s poem is the result of a word provided by one of my sponsors – she asked me to write a poem using the word “will.” In addition to that, this morning I heard British novelist Sarah Hall talking on NPR and she used the phrase “the heart as a red pulpy mass.” I thought it was such an odd-sounding and somehow beautiful description, so I wanted to try to construct a poem that felt like a pulpy mass: a mishmosh of ideas coming together. 

NaPoMo Day 15 Links: 

Rachel’s Day 15 Poem: Will [Or, the Heart As a Red Pulpy Mass]

Someone Else’s Awesome Poem: Claire Lee’s “Living in Numbers”

1 thought on “NaPoMo Day 15”

  1. I really enjoy your posts so far. I think it is grand that you raised money for such a nifty project in such a way. Cheers!

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