NaPoMo Days 12, 13 and 14

Here I am again. Catching up – but not entirely. 

Today’s news out of Boston is overwhelming and terrible. My heart is aching. After a wonderfully centering class at the karate school tonight, I came home and started listening to music, reading poems and writing a little. At times like this, watching my nation suffer, art seems an incredible privilege and an incredible balm. I am grateful for it. 

NaPoMo Links – Days 12, 13 and 14

You can find links to the referring news stories by reading the poems over at PFFA.  

Rachel’s Day 12 PoemUntitled Poem About Bird Flu
Rachel’s Day 13 PoemExtracellular Matrix
Rachel’s Day 14 PoemThere are things you cannot do in space

Someone Else’s Awesome PoemWilliam Wordsworth’s “The World Is Too Much With Us” is the only poem I want to read right now. 

2 thoughts on “NaPoMo Days 12, 13 and 14”

  1. Wow. Three great pieces, especially the bird flu and the last one. Keep going – your time away from writing has left wonderful words just waiting to get out. I think I’m giving up on this April…

    Put Words Together. Make Meaning.

    1. Thanks Donna – I had a few days where I felt super good about the drafts I was putting out, and the last few days I’ve felt a little “meh” about them. But I think most poems so far have fairly solid foundations so there’s plenty to work with here.

      I saw that you’re throwing in the towel for now – that’s ok! One of the things I find really challenging about NaPoMo and the poem-a-day challenge is not being too hard on myself. You have been doing really excellent work for a long time now, and sometimes 30 “shitty first drafts” in 30 days kind of defeats the purpose of writing, yeah?


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