NaPoMo 2013 – Day 11

Ok, ok, I’m behind again. But the first week of April, I was able to write during lunch breaks at work. As the month wears on, so does the work, and it’s been difficult for me to steal a few minutes, let alone the solid hour I need to write. But tomorrow is Saturday, and I have big plans.

This whole news stories theme has really been working for me – there is certainly no shortage of prompts, though they are mostly sad and terrible. Still, I am happy with the drafts I’ve been turning out, and I feel it’s important to focus on the world. 

NaPoMo Day 11 Links

Rachel’s Day 11 Poem: Hindsight – refers very loosely from this story

Someone Else’s Awesome Poem: Reginald Shepherd’s “How People Disappear” 

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