So I fell behind a day again – yesterday was too, too beautiful here in South Jersey to spend time looking at a computer screen (which is how I write), so instead I spent the day digging in the dirt in my backyard, preparing the ground for a garden. But I am caught up again, thanks to a quick hour and a half of writing time tonight. Today’s drafts are really not great, but I am at least capturing the ideas for revision later. 

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NaPoMo Days 7 & 8 Links

Rachel’s Day 7 Poem: Gun in America – this poem refers from an NPR article titled “The First Gun in America” 
Rachel’s Day 8 Poem: Advice to the Young – this poem refers from an interview with Patti Smith

Someone Else’s Awesome Poem for Day 7: “On this Very Street in Belgrade,” Charles Simic
Someone Else’s Awesome Poem for Day 8: “This Is Just To Say,” William Carlos Williams