NaPoMo 2013 – Days 4 & 5

So I got a little behind. Yesterday was a busy day at work, mostly because I took today off, so I spent my lunch hour trying to catch up on work instead of writing a poem. But that’s ok! Because today! I was able to write two poems today! I brought my writing buddy to the coffee shop today: 


And he read while I wrote. So that was good. 

Onward, to the poems: 
Day 4’s poem includes a word provided by Donna (“milkshake”), and Day 5’s poem includes a word provided by Lynn (“fallacy”). Day 5 also mentions kickboxing, which was suggested as a prompt by Becky, but I don’t really want to count it as The Prompt that she gave me, since it’s really not an integral part of the poem. 

NaPoMo Days 4 & 5 Links: 

Rachel’s Day 4 Poem: Terrible News – this poem refers from the subject line of an email I received from a political organization.
Rachel’s Day 5 Poem: Preemption – this poem refers from this article, about North Korea’s threats of nuclear strikes.

Someone Else’s Awesome Poem for Day 4: Patrick Ryan Frank, “Virginitiphobia”
Someone Else’s Awesome Poem for Day 5: Laurie Saurborn Young, “Goodnight Moon” (you’ll get 4 poems of Laurie’s at this link, READ THEM ALL, they are so good)

2 thoughts on “NaPoMo 2013 – Days 4 & 5”

  1. Sounds like a great day. And two more excellent drafts. We did erasures today in life – I will probably be posting one of those later…

    Put Words Together. Make Meaning.

    On Fri, Apr 5, 2013 at 2:21 PM, Rachel Bunting

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