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NaPoMo 2013 – Day 1

Happy National Poetry Month!

As in past years, I’m taking part in the poem-a-day writing challenge for the month of April, and this year, you can pledge a donation to keep me going! All donations will support The Bullycide Project, a theater group that presents stories from victims of bullying and their friends and family. You can check out more about the project via my Facebook event. Keep in mind that fully 100% of the donations I receive will go to The Bullycide Project.

This year, my self-assigned theme for the poem-a-day challenge is “The News From Poems;” I took this from the amazing William Carlos Williams, who wrote in “Asphodel, That Greeny Flower”:

It is difficult to get the news from poems yet men die miserably every day for lack of what is found there.

All – or, well, most – of my poems this month will refer from news stories or headlines.

NaPoMo Day 1 Links:

Rachel’s Day 1 Poem: Magicicada – Today’s poem refers from NPR’s story on the 17-year cycle of cicadas scheduled to appear this year

Someone Else’s Awesome Poem: Aracelis Girmay, “Consider the Hands that Write This Letter”

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