National Poetry Month Poem-a-Day Challenge

April is National Poetry Month, and this year I’ll again be challenging myself to write a poem each day – this time, though, I’m doing it with a twist.

What I’m Doing
I’m asking for sponsors to keep me going and to benefit The Bullycide Project. This theater group presents stories from victims of bullying and their friends and family. It’s a small group out of Michigan, and they take their show to groups around the country. It’s a very worthy cause doing a lot of great work for teens. If you care about gender, sexuality, size, age, abuse and other issues, this project touches on all of them.

How You Can Participate
Pledge a donation! I’m offering four tiers of sponsorship:

  • $29 and under – you’re a nice person, and I will give you a hug the next time I see you.
  • $30-59 – You can give me one word to use in a poem.
  • $60-99 – You can give me a topic/prompt for a poem.
  • $100 and up – You can give me a topic/prompt for a poem AND you’ll receive a limited edition, hand-signed broadside (small poster/large print) of one poem produced during NaPoMo.

Make sure you send me a note via email (rachel [dot] bunting [at] gmail [dot] com) so we can work out any details or answer any questions you might have.

How You Can Pay
You can pay me via check, or through Paypal using the email address above.
I’ll be sending all funds collected along to Lori Thompson, the Artistic Director for the project.

Keep Me Honest
I’ll be posting my poem-a-day drafts online at my The News from Poems Thread at the Poetry Free-for-all.

I hope you’ll be willing to help me out and keep me and The Bullycide Project going.

Got questions? Read more about:
National Poetry Month
The Poem-a-Day Challenge
News from Poems (from a William Carlos Williams poem)
The Bullycide Project

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