resolution check in

Ok, one month into the year already – let’s see how I’m doing:

Jacob. Well, we’ve certainly been spending time together. My goals were to find new activities that match his interests, and to encourage a sense of leadership in him. I’m starting to identify summer camps for him (a NASA-sponsored summer camp is currently on the books), and he has been taking the leadership classes at karate. This is a good thing – the classes teach him how to teach the younger students. Though his belt level is not yet advanced enough to actively instruct, I think it’s important for Jake to start thinking about how the younger kids see him.

Write every weekend (or as close to every weekend as possible). So far, yes. I made time for writing every weekend in January, and started circulating first/rough drafts to a number of friends as part of “Bad Poem Saturday.”

Send 2 submissions a month. Yes, I actually sent 4 in January – to Glimmer Train (their Very Short Fiction contest), Blast Furnace, Southern Indiana Review and Referential Magazine. So far – 1 rejection (Southern Indiana Review) and 1 acceptance (Blast Furnace). I’m waiting on responses from Glimmer Train and Referential.

Revamp/revise/recreate the manuscript. I haven’t done anything here yet; I want to keep drafting, so I think I’ll hold off on this one until the summer.

Complete NaPoMo. Hasn’t started yet!

Research and apply for 2-3 fellowships/workshops/residencies in 2013. I’ve done no research on this one.

Read at least 26 books in 2013, using the 2013 Reading Plan. Well, I’ve already failed the Reading Plan – I started with Carson McCullers’ The Heart is a Lonely Hunter. I found the characters compelling, but I just couldn’t engage, so I stopped reading it. Then I picked up The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, and I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I don’t have the time I hoped I would to dedicate to reading it, so I’m already behind on my timeline – but I’m fairly certain I can figure out a way to catch up again.

Use kickboxing, krav, running to lose 40 pounds. Ok, I have lost 4 pounds so far. Slow but sure, right? A rough start to the year – first a sickness, then some work travel, so I haven’t stuck to my routine. But I’m working on getting back there.

Run 2-3 5Ks in 2013. Ok, let’s talk about running. I am afraid of running right now. I pulled a muscle in my right leg a few months ago, and it has yet to return to normal. It prevented me entirely from running for about 4 weeks, and now I’m slowly trying to ease back in – but I’m terrified I’m going to do it again. Sigh. For now, I’m not signing up for any 5ks.

Camp once a month between April and October. I already have plans to camp in February! Woot!

Spend time hiking/geocaching at least once a month for the entire year. Hm. Not yet. January was a wash – maybe February.

Master this beginner quilting tutorial. I made a second quilt using this tutorial, and Jake immediately stole it. I learned a lot in the second quilt about piecing and borders. I have been collecting fabric like a madwoman, so I’m sure at some point I’ll try to bust through the stash and make a new quilt or two from this pattern.

Focus on photography. Haven’t done this yet.

2 thoughts on “resolution check in”

  1. Not a bad average!
    -I’m very glad to be part of Bad Poetry Weekends even if I haven’t been an active return participant yet. Maybe there is a goal for me to craft in there…
    -Good job on the submissions (and the acceptances today!). Love Referential Mag!
    -26 books in a year?? Wow. That is indeed ambitious. If it helps, there is a fantastic movie version of “Heart is a Lonely Hunter”. =] I really enjoyed the book but it does take a bit to get rolling.
    -You are at 10% of your weight loss goal. Not shabby at all!
    Thanks for the update and keep at it!

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