moment of zen

During the break between Christmas and New Year’s, I decided to start quilting. I’m not sure where exactly the desire came from – maybe it was seeing the sketches for a gorgeous quilt my friend C was working on over the summer. And then I had all that fabric leftover after making something like 25 pillow cases using this super easy tutorial for Christmas gifts this year (anyone need 2 yards of funny mustache fabric?). My favorite fabric, though, was a lovely print of what I think might be partridges.

After making a few partridge pillows for friends, I still had some of this fabric leftover. I started idly searching the web for “easy quilts” and came across Moda Bake Shop. I was instantly overwhelmed – though I conceptually liked the idea of the bakery metaphor, I was totally unclear about jelly rolls and layer cakes and dessert rolls and what the heck is a charm pack and is this even a metaphor anymore? So I clicked around the site aimlessly for awhile, attempting to understand why there were little pastry cutters next to the words “Easy,” “Moderate” and “Ambitious.”

I finally gave up on Moda Bake Shop and googled “beginning quilting.” I found Amy Smart’s delightful blog Diary of a Quilter, which is so wonderfully organized and contains much, much more than quilting. In particular, I found her Beginning Quilting Series, which was so incredibly useful. The series, when followed start to finish, results in a lovely crib-sized quilt in a simple block pattern. It was so easy that I actually felt successful! No longer overwhlemed!

So far, I’ve finished two quilts (you can see a quick peek of the partridges in the quilt on the right):


They’re not perfect, not by any stretch of the imagination – the quilting itself is somewhat difficult, and I am going to need a lot of practice on making bindings. But I am definitely learning how to piece the squares more evenly. I’m planning a third, slightly more complicated quilt – this one, in fact, but with a somewhat unconventional theme. It will be a challenge, and I’m super excited for it. In the meantime, I have started collecting fabric, as I really think this whole quilting thing has quickly become a new hobby.

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