On Friday, October 26 and Saturday, October 27, I submitted two long papers. The first was an 80-page thesis examining the experience of minority communities in 21st century America, and was publicly enacted through this reading. The second was a 50-page survey of Modern American Poetry, covering poetic movements such as the Beats and the Confessionals, and, separately, poetic identities like war poetry (specifically the Vietnam War), feminism, and class issues. These two papers were the final acts of my life as an undergraduate, and are the end of a very, very long journey to this point.

Reaching this point would not have been possible without a number of people cheering me on and providing support in ways both tangible and intangible. But I think I am most indebted, at this point, to my lovely and charming partner, Donna. Without her tireless efforts to keep the house clean and stocked with toilet paper and chocolate, and her significant help in keeping Jacob in line and on track, both in school and out, I would have lost my mind. Entirely. She’s such a wonder, and I am lucky to have her in my life.

standing at the edge of the Pacific
Pomponio State Beach, CA
October 2012

This weekend, as you probably know, Hurricane Sandy moved up the East Coast. I am very fortunate: my town, which is normally prone to floods, was in good shape throughout the storm. I bunked down with a good friend for two days; we never lost power, played a lot of board games and ate a lot of junk food. My house came through the storm essentially unscathed, and my friends up and down the shoreline are safe and sound, despite the massive devastation of New Jersey’s beach communities. I had an unscheduled 4-day weekend; Jake is on his 5th consecutive day out of school.

Next week, we leave for family vacation.

The week after that, we welcome 20+ friends into our home for an early Thanksgiving celebration.

I am feeling very blessed, and thanking the universe for its kindness.

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