catch up


There is an animal living in the ceiling/wall of my house. It has been incredibly difficult to get a wildlife control service to come address this issue. Maybe today.

Heard from a friend yesterday that he finally finished a divorce settlement (after about a year); another friend is beginning the process this week.

I forgot my glasses today, so I’m working through a squint.

The Philly mud run is in 25 days. I am not ready. I am going to run it anyway.

My 33rd birthday is in 26 days. Weird. I am thinking about getting a new tattoo to celebrate. Simple text; something like this.

Not sure about placement yet.

There are lots of people who really don’t like the word “feminist.” There are apparently plenty of people who don’t like the word “vagina,” either, and would prefer we don’t say it even when we’re making rules about the body part to which the word refers.

I am more than halfway through this semester. So close.

What I have been singing to myself for the past few days:

Happy Wednesday.

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