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I feel like we haven’t talked in awhile. Here is what my life has been for the past few weeks:

A beautiful car at the local pub, a strange sign on the elevator at work, democracy + beer, a beautiful cake, flying kites, relaxing at home. Not a bad life.

This, though, is the picture I’ve snapped most recently that has me feeling a whole mess of feelings.

What to say here?

I think I always believed that this was the case for Obama, that he would come around. I fully expected that he would wait until after the 2012 election cycle, to have confirmation of his future. I am astonished – pleasantly so – that he chose to stand up earlier than that, though I know it’s due in no small part to Joe Biden’s clumsy effort at doing the same. (I have to say, Joe Biden is a verbal klutz, but I do love him.)

In the wake of Obama’s endorsement, a wave of support has been rising:

Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee announced the state will recognize same-sex marriages performed out of state
Illinois Governor Pat Quinn also endorsed marriage equality
Now even Jay Z is on board

It seems slightly ridiculous that I should care what Jay Z thinks about marriage equality – but I do care, and I think his public support of marriage equality, and of Obama’s move to endorse it, is important. We already know that the American public is changing course, that the split between supports and opponents is narrowing (in favor of). Jay Z’s endorsement signals another cultural shift: one of the most famous names in an industry where homophobia is, at times, seen as a badge of honor has now indicated he thinks gay people are just regular people. That’s kind of a big deal.

I don’t care if Obama’s “evolution” is motivated by politics. I don’t care if Jay Z’s public endorsement is the result of strategic PR planning. I do care that these things are working in the right direction.

ETA: Leave it to ThinkProgress to round up the major political figures who support marriage equality.

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