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happy napomo!

So National Poetry Month is, like, totally a poet’s version of Christmas. We decorate (for real, last year I hung poems on my office door), we talk poetry all month long to anyone who will listen, and we write a poem a day. Well, some of us do. Not me this year, but so many others.

A few people have mentioned they have a hard time staying motivated through the month – 30 poems in 30 days is, as you might imagine, kind of absurd. But fortunately there are kind-hearted souls all over Teh Interwebz who want to help by providing prompts for writing. Here’s a collection of places where you can find prompts:

The Original NaPoWriMo website – NaPoWriMo was started by Maureen Thorson in 2003; this website is the official NaPoWriMo footprint. Visit the blog here each day for a new prompt. And, if you are posting your poems online, you can add a link to the list of participating websites.

Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides – In addition to offering a (kind of vague) prompt every day, Brewer runs a challenge – you can post your poems in the comments and at the end of the month he culls the best of the responses for a chapbook. I’m pretty sure  they have to be in response to his prompt, so keep that in mind.

30/30 Prompts – Not sure who’s behind this Tumblr, but the first week’s prompts are posted already, so if you’re itching to get a head start, you’re in good shape here. It’s a Tumblr, and I am totally not hip enough to really get the whole Tumblr thing, so to me it appears you can’t share your own work. But again, I am not hip. So.

30/30 Poetry – This looks like a publication of some variety. So apparently you sign up for an email list, get a prompt each day, and then return your response via email submission. If they like it, maybe it gets published. Looks like they’re posting the prompts on the website, too.

Apparatus Magazine on Twitter – Adam Hart, the hard-working editor of Apparatus, will be tweeting prompts all month long. I like his prompts. I like him. Check it out.

I also always like to check out the threads at the PFFA – people come up with some totally insane ideas, and it’s usually good fun.

Donna Vorreyer has an whole mess of prompts on her blog – during 2011, she started the Poetry Tow Truck project, which you can read about here. She kindly indexed the archived prompts, which is excellent. And, bonus prompts: for 2012, she is doing a new project, the Poetry Mixtape, for which she has also created an index of archived prompts.

Got more places to get prompts? Leave me a comment, and I’ll add to the list.

Happy writing, everyone!

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