month of letters

month of letters: day 7

On Sunday, I sat down and wrote out letters and postcards for the week.

I have since received 2 letters myself: one from the lovely Andrea, a postcard bearing a wonderful Jane Hirshfield poem, and a notecard from the lovely Margo, with some thoughts on the process of writing letters for this challenge.

I even made a couple Valentines:

(yes, that is an ironic Ronald Reagan stamp you see. Donna saw them at the post office and couldn’t resist.)

So far I am enjoying the month. The act of writing letters makes me pause to think carefully about what I want to say. I’m also trying to include other items, like the Valentines, a few photographs, which is causing me to think about what my recipients might enjoy.

It’s an intimate exercise.

3 thoughts on “month of letters: day 7”

  1. I received my letter yesterday. Thank you! That single exclamation point doesn’t wholly convey my sense of excitement. I especially loved the photo of the river and the red car (which is a hot-rodded 1934 Ford) which explains why you were there and how you got the shot.

    Thanks again!

  2. Thank you for the mention, Rachel! I like your description of the exercise as intimate. Perfect. I am a lazy communicator, but am enjoying myself enough that I may make February my official letter writing month. If I plan ahead and know whom I shall write and collect items along the way [yes, I start shopping for Christmas in January], I can see this happening.

    Enjoy the rest of the month,


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