who is left that writes these days

This morning I discovered, via a tweet from Andrea, the  Month of Letters Challenge. You can read more about the challenge here, at the creator’s website. The basic point, though, is to mail something through the post office every day during the month of February.

Despite the fact that I will be taking three classes, working a full-time job, kickboxing 2-3 times a week, going to AWP, participating in Reflex and oh yeah trying to have a regular mom/partner/friend life, I have decided to participate. Clearly I need to revisit that whole “where are your priorities” thing.

At any rate, I think it sounds like a great plan. If you’d like to play along, visit the website for the Month of Letters Challenge. If you’d like to play along with me, send an email to rebpoetry [at] yahoo [dot] com and we can exchange addresses.

And while you’re deciding, here’s PJ Harvey advocating for letter writing.

2 thoughts on “who is left that writes these days”

  1. Its good to send mail. Keeps people on their toes.
    When I was in college I used to write at least one letter a week (usually about 4 pages long) if not more. Now my handwriting is so bad I feel like I am inflicting punishment on those that receive said items.
    Best of luck with your Month of Letters!

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