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For awhile I didn’t get Tumblr at all. And then I got myself a Tumblr and thought it would be fun. But I don’t have that kind of energy or time, seeing as I can barely keep up with this blog as it is. But lately I have been reading Tumblrs regularly, and I am now kind of obsessed with a few of them. So I wanted to tell you to go read them, in case you’re not already doing that. Here’s my list:

Texts from Bennett – arguably one of the more offensive ones, this Tumblr features text message exchanges between someone who seems relatively intelligent and “normal,” and his crazy cousin Bennett. It’s still pretty funny.

Ugly Renaissance Babies – That’s right, exactly what it says. (My personal favorite from this one is here.)

You Might Be a Feminist – Sometimes right, sometimes oh so wrong. Mostly pretty amusing, and true.

Kim Jong-il Looking at Things – Now look, I think Dear Leader was pretty creepy – in fact, last night I used North Korea as an example of how to abuse art for the benefit of a political propaganda machine. But this Tumblr is kind of irreverent, and I can’t figure out why it makes me laugh so hard, but it freaking does. The other night, I was laughing so hard I nearly wet my pants. No joke. Ask Donna.

Microaggressions – This one is not exactly funny, but it is pretty awesome. For a definition of microaggression, check the about page.

Fuck No Rick Santorum – I think the title says it all.

Fuck Yeah Anne Hathaway – This one doesn’t get updated anymore, it seems, but it doesn’t matter. It has lots of pictures of Anne Hathaway, and I could stare at it forever.

And now we come to what I think is my favorite genre of Tumblrs – the Ryan Gosling/Hey Girl meme:

Feminist Ryan Gosling – hands down, this is the Tumblr I check every morning, hoping against hope for an update. Absolutely hilarious, it makes me laugh out loud most of the time and warms my cold, cold heart.

Hey Girl. I heart NPR. – YES. I can totally see someone trying to use some of these as terrible pick-up lines. Especially this one.

Handmade Ryan Gosling – Because I’m not as handmade-craftsy as I could be, I don’t always get these, but enough of them are super funny that I really do appreciate this blog.

Hey Girl. I like the library too. – I can’t help it. Even when the general context of the Tumblrs don’t apply to me, the whole Ryan Gosling/Hey Girl thing really hooks me. (Although I do like the library, too.)

Ok, I think that’s all my favorites for now. Link me to some of yours.

Also, a few side notes:

James Franco (boo! hiss!) gets pissy about Ryan Gosling’s Hey Girl popularity

Ryan Gosling is a good sport.  (you can stop watching after 1:44)

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