So. Here we are, on the edge of a new year. 2011 was such a wonderful year for me, I want to keep the momentum going. Some goals/resolutions/hopes for the year ahead (some of them overlapping last year’s):

  1. Jacob.
  2. Continue to write nearly every weekend.
  3. Send 2 submissions per month.
  4. Submit the manuscript to at least 5 more contests.
  5. Complete NaPoMo.
  6. Support independent presses & journals (by purchasing subscriptions, books, etc.).
  7. Graduate.
  8. Begin the process of identifying MFA programs.
  9. Take more pictures.
  10. Kickboxing.
  11. Lose some weight.

Fewer goals this year, but no less important, I think.

What are your goals for the coming year?