Yesterday was a good day. Among many other wonderful things (including a live, in-person and humongous hug from Sam, who is home from Japan for a visit for only a few more days), I received a package from Jon the Artist.

Packages from Jon are always exciting. Usually they contain something handmade, something typewritten, and, very occasionally, chocolate coins that have melted and reconstituted themselves in transit over 2,904 miles. Yesterday’s package, though lacking in chocolate, was no exception: inside a small sheet of wrapping paper made from Italian comic book pages, a CD inside a cardboard sleeve. Some text on the front that I couldn’t read (“Is that Hebrew?” I asked Donna. “I think it’s Hebrew.”), and a track listing that contains Eminem, Smashing Pumpkins and Das Racist, among others, and is kicked off with a piano-y-jazzy-track voiced by Erin, Jon’s lovely girlfriend. Indeed, the writing is Hebrew.

By far the best piece of the package, though, is the note tucked inside the CD sleeve.

“an enthusiastic voice of support and an artist with integrity that I respect”

Exactly, exactly what I needed. I am a lucky girl.