2011: looking back

Last year, I set some goals for myself. Resolutions, whatever you want to call them. For about 6 months, I did a once-a-month update to see how I was matching up to them; here’s a quick review of 2011:

  1. Jacob, Jacob, Jacob, Jacob.
    This was a vague goal – but mostly, I wanted to focus on quality in terms of my time with Jacob. I really feel like I did that. I’m marking this goal ACHIEVED.
  2. Continue to write nearly every weekend.
    Well, I managed this right up until the summer, I think. As my classes got more difficult, I gave up writing time to focus on school. But still, I kept writing and have continued to produce new work, including revisions to the manuscript. I’m marking this goal ACHIEVED.
  3. Submit manuscript to at least 5 contests.
    I have submitted to 12 contests in 2011. Results for a few outstanding. ACHIEVED.
  4. Send two submissions per month.
    I did this consistently through the summer. Again, as school took precedence, I let the submissions fall to the backburner – though I did continue submitting. I will mark this one PARTIALLY ACHIEVED.
  5. Complete NaPoMo.
    Woo hoo! I did a NaPoMo! ACHIEVED.
  6. Spend more time geocaching.
    Well, no. With so many plates in the air – school, Jake, work, Donna, writing, manuscript revision, the house, a social life and a fair bit of travel in 2011 – I just didn’t have time. NOT ACHIEVED.
  7. Participate in Donna’s Poetry Tow Truck exercises.
    Yes, though I often didn’t post them. ACHIEVED.
  8. Actually get back to Nic Sebastian on that Voice Alpha guest-blog invite. And maybe write a guest blog. I did! I wrote the guest blog, which you can read here if you’re interested. ACHIEVED.
  9. School, school, school.
    Yes, I am well on my way to a graduation in summer 2012. ACHIEVED.
  10. Think about finding a new job, or learn to balance work/life more appropriately in this one.
    Oh boy! A promotion, a better work/life balance. A wonderful thing. ACHIEVED.
  11. Act less on impulse and more out of kindness.
    I think I have managed to do this mostly. I feel comfortable with where I am. ACHIEVED.
  12. Weed out the negativity.
    Oh have I ever. ACHIEVED.
  13. Make time to blog twice a week (it stimulates the muses, you know).
    I think, on average, I actually managed this. ACHIEVED.
  14. Take more pictures.
    Yes, I did this. Not many more, but still more. ACHIEVED.
  15. Stick with kickboxing.
    Yes! I did this! Having a sparring partner really helps, and Becky has been a wonderful partner. Though I have missed the last few weeks due to that respiratory thing, I am looking forward to getting back to it! ACHIEVED.
  16. Lose some weight.
    Yes! I did this too! I have lost 23 pounds since July. I feel so much better, and I am amped to keep going! ACHIEVED.

So I think 2011 was a great year. Out of 16 goals, I achieved 14.5 of them. That makes me really happy.

Stay tuned for 2012: looking ahead!

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