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So I am recovering from what appeared to be a lovely little bout of something like the Red Death (I fully expected to find myself sweating blood and then dying within a half hour). As such, here’s an update on the awesomeness that has occurred while I was busy lying pathetically on the couch:

I was notified this morning that my poem “Vanishing Twin” was a finalist for the 2011 Joy Harjo Poetry Prize. It’s heartening to be a finalist – I haven’t entered many single-poem contests, so this is nice validation for me. And I’m in good company; I saw the list of other finalists (which will eventually be posted here), and there’s one name in particular I am proud to find myself bumping up against!

Three poems from my Imprimatur series were accepted by In the Biblical Sense, a very cool anthology that will be seeking a press. I’m so excited about this because one of the poems is previously unpublished, and it’s one I really, really enjoy. Also, I love being a part of anything that describes itself as “apochryphal.”

I returned to work today to find a gift card on my desk – two of my coworkers chipped in to get me a little something for the holiday, which was very kind. In doing so, they enabled me to get the newest releases from Dean Young and Aracelis Girmay, which I am SO. TOTALLY. STOKED. about.

In a little less than a month, I will be at the Winter Poetry & Prose Getaway with some of my favorite people, including the super fantastico Donna! This year I’m taking a fiction workshop instead of a poetry one, which is I think my way of trying to push my creative limits. Since I have written exactly one piece of fiction in the past 16 years, I am very nervous about this.

And then! Like a month after that! I will be going to AWP! This is pretty exciting, since I have never been to an AWP conference. And this one’s in Chicago, which means I will get to see the super fantastico Donna yet again! And Laura from Weave Magazine! And probably some other awesome peeps as well.

And of course, I would be totally remiss if I did not thank both Laura and Donna for giving me a Liebster Blog award – you ladies are all kinds of awesome, and you have thrown a few new readers my way!

Well that’s a lot of awesomeness right there.

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