love & marriage, horse & carriage, whatevs.

Today’s discussion topic in Anthropology class:

Do we in Western societies see marriage as more for love, or more for economic reasons? Which is the stronger bond, love or economics?

Selected answers from my classmates, for your reading pleasure (all responses transcribed verbatim, including grammatical and/or spelling errors):

Marriage is a covenant between one man and one woman, when the two enter into such a relationship they agree to the commitment of it all.  Today society seems to be diluting the origin of marriage as an institution.  Just because everyone has the escape clause of divorce does make it the pathway to take.

Oh, awesome: passive-aggressive snark directed at, among other things, gay marriage. Also: I think this student meant “doesn’t make it the pathway to take.” Which, right. Because divorce is so easy.

First thing is that the common misconception that divorce is extremely expensive… FALSE. Of course this is a matter of opinion, but speaking from personal experience my divorce costed accumatively 350$.

This student cited Dr. Phil as a source. No joke.

Which I think can be seen with gay couples trying to get married to get the same financial protections, among other things of course, that heterosexual couples get. That’s the whole basis of that argument. 

Uh, the whole basis of what argument? Is this student seriously saying that the whole basis of the argument for gay marriage is so we homos can access each other’s incredible wealth?

Don’t get me wrong having money is nice but to much of anything is bad.


3 thoughts on “love & marriage, horse & carriage, whatevs.”

  1. May I be the first to say I am sorry that your education depends on putting up with ignorance like that. Thankfully, you are almost done, right?

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