friday goodness

Friday Goodness

I hesitate to say that regular Friday postings are resuming, since I have no idea when I’ll fail to do one and then ruin the momentum. However, I am going to attempt to revive the Friday Goodness with some frequency, as I am really enjoying life right now. I want to celebrate that.

It’s Friday! Here’s what’s good in my week:

1. I wrote a new poem last night, the third in a series of poems I’m working on about the sky and it’s relationship to the earth. I didn’t know it was going to be a series but the voice of these poems is working something out, so I’m just following along.

2. On the heels of a Sam Cooke listening session on Wednesday and a conversation with a friend about him, I have been inspired to dig into his catalog all over again. Today’s playlist is all Sam Cooke, all day long. A favorite I forgot I had:

3. Have you read this Zbigniew Herbert poem? It really is quite beautiful.

4. Hiking on the calendar this weekend! Pictures likely next week.

5. My friend, the lovely and talented Donna Vorreyer, went to New Orleans recently where she had the pleasure of witnessing a true rock god: Chris Cornell performing with Soundgarden. She sent me the most delicious pictures of him & I cannot stop looking at them. Check out her blog for pics!

6. Oh, and I’m down another 2 pounds!

7. To wrap up this wonderful week, here’s a flashcard from FeministRyanGosling, which you should really be checking out every damn day. That shit is hilarious.

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