Today has been a rough day.

I started a new semester this week – I’m taking a Cultural Anthropology class, which I was pretty stoked about. But I should really have learned my lesson after that Civil Rights class, which had more than a few frustrating moments. (I think after blogging the second one, I just got tired of keeping track.)

This week, in the very first discussion board posting, I was delivered a message from two of my classmates:

Shut the fuck up, you media-brainwashed-liberal-hippie-sheeple, you know nothing about which we speak.

Of course, they didn’t say it quite that bluntly, but I imagine they really wanted to.

I think I’m just really tired of living out my penance for earlier life choices. I understand now that it was foolish not to go to a 4-year college; I get that I was stupid to put off returning to school for so long; I’m completely on board with the idea that I should have finished long, long ago.

But I’m really tired of taking classes now with faceless people on the internet, whose postings on our class discussion boards generally read no better than the trolls on celebrity websites.

Also? Note to fellow students:
STOP ASSUMING THINGS ABOUT ME. You don’t know who I know, what I know, how I know it, or what I believe. You know why? Because I haven’t told you. That’s why. So now it’s your turn to STFU.



(**yes, I get the MFA won’t actually solve these problems, because there will still be knuckleheads. But at least the knuckleheads will have faces, and at least I’ll be able to respond to them in person, and at least I’ll be arguing about things I really, really care about, like the incredible genius of Frank Bidart.)