Hello Internet!

It’s Friday, and good things are afoot. Let’s discuss:

1. I have been notified now of three separate nominations for Best of the Net 2011, which is spectacular. My poems nominated are:
“Flaws in Human Thinking,” from Hobble Creek Review
“In the Garden, the Stormtroopers,” from Muzzle
“The Amazing Human Magpie,” from Borderline

Many, many thanks to Stevie Edwards, Justin Evans and Jennifer-Leigh Oprihory, along with the hardworking editorial staff at each of these fine journals.

2. In case you didn’t see me bombing Teh Interwebz with notifications of new poems lately, here are a few places you can find mine online:
Literary Bohemian!
Blood Lotus!

And in print:
Edison Literary Review!

And I have new poems forthcoming in PANK, sometime in November.

3. I have prepped two copies of my manuscript for submission this weekend to two contests. This is scary and exciting.

4. Last night this conversation happened:
Me: Yeah, it was Kim’s poem in Linebreak that you saw.
Friend: Oh right, yeah.
Me: It was a poem written as a Twitter feed.
Friend: …silence…
Me: You know, like, tweets.
Friend: …silence…
Me: Um, do you know what Twitter is?
Friend: ….no.

5. This week I received several very nice emails from people I really like. That’s always a good thing.

6. I have off on Monday!

7. Still loving this Feminist Ryan Gosling tumblr thing.

8. Which led me back to this Bikini Kill video. Which reminded me how much I miss 90s grrrl bands. YEAH.

9. Here’s a funny John Waters thing:

Happy Friday!