another new poem!

O hai there Interwebz.

Guess what?  I have another new poem up for your reading pleasure, this time over with the awesome and hard-working folks at Linebreak!

Click here to read my poem “To the Pig in a Bumblebee Costume”

I’m really excited about this because Linebreak is a fun journal. Once a week they feature a new poem and they will even email it to you if you want! This is cool because if you are like me, kind of lazy, then you don’t want to crawl all over Teh Interwebz looking for good poems. But now! You don’t have to! Because Linebreak will send them to you!

Also it was kind of awesome to check my email and see my own name there. (I may or may not have subscribed with two email addresses so that I could see it happen twice. Whee!)

6 thoughts on “another new poem!”

  1. Congratulations! It’s always nice to see a fellow writer getting their work put out there. I read the poem and I applaud your ability to get the word ungulate in a poem 🙂 Nice work.

  2. I stumble over here from time to time for multiple reasons, squee with delight (South Jersey pride! musical appreciation! fab poems!), and then end up stumbling away much to soon. But this time, thanks to Donna Vorreyer and Rumpelstiltskin, I am (with your blessing) adding you to my list-of-blogs-to-read-more and sticking to it. Resolve face: ô_ô!

    That aside, congrats on the publication!

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