Tuesday on Thursday: new poem!

I went to a reading last night, which was amazing and I will probably write it up later (or this weekend after finals are over), but when I got home last night I found a package from Tuesday; An Art Project waiting for me! This is such a kickass journal and my poem “Rumplestiltskin” was accepted for publication with Tuesday ages ago, so I was very excited to see the issue. Here it is:

ninth issue

The concept of the journal is lovely – poems and art letterpressed on to postcards. The packaging is terrific, a broadsheet turned into a large envelope holding the postcards. I’m very pleased with how beautifully done the postcards are, and I’m also very pleased at the company I’m keeping in this issue: among others, Maureen Alsop, Tony Hoagland, Khadijah Queen and David Rivard.

This is a beautiful publication, and I’m so happy to be a part of it. You can get yourself a copy of this issue right over here, at the Tuesday website.

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