Dear Laura, I was going to post this in your comments and then I felt like it might be too long for a comment so here is an entry, all for you! Except now it’s not as long as I thought but here is a blog entry all for you anyway!

I am going to answer some of the questions from your list with corresponding numbers of my own.

3. Congratulations and this is AWESOME. What struck me most is how you said “24 times,” and I thought “You really believe in that poem to keep sending it out 25 times.” I want to have this kind of confidence in my work. P.S. I really love your poems, have I told you that before?

5. My girlfriend does most of the cleaning right now because she feels bad that I am working full time and going to school ¾ time. It is not as clean as I’d like because neither one of us actually has time to clean, but I’m learning to live with that. It is hard because I am a control freak. Mostly we fight about whether or not the kitchen counters need to be wiped down (I always say yes; she usually says no). Fortunately we are both female so I never feel weird about it.

6. People don’t. My son just keeps popping up and saying “I NEED SOMETHING” (like food or toilet paper or a ride to karate). Fortunately he is a good kid most of the time so I don’t have to worry too much. Except sometimes he does things like smack a kid’s fingers between two bowling balls, and then I have to get mad. Don’t worry, that hasn’t happened for a few years, and only the one time.

8. This person with a career-like job has a social life AND watches television. It’s hard, and often at the expense of a) exercise, b) writing, c) cooking delicious foods or d) some other fun-and-good-for-me-thing, but I don’t mind because sometimes a girl just needs to watch The Real Housewives of Every City We Can Think Of. Oh, and Work of Art. (But that one is actually kind of cool and relevant to my life.)

9. It gets harder for me to remember this as Jacob gets older (he’s 9 now) but every time I hear a baby crying on a plane, I think to myself “There is a mom who wants to be crying on a plane right now too.”

17. INSANE. But we’re here to talk about you and your awesomeness.

18. What kind of bakery was it? Because it could be something like this.  (That link led me to this one, about stealing baby Jesuses.)