feminism, glbt, identity

hey girl.

I took a long, long break from reading feminist blogs. It hurt a lot to read them every day, so much so that there were days I felt like I couldn’t get out of bed. The world is just so incredibly broken. But then today I had a frustrating conversation with a coworker about what it’s like for girls who date girls when guys make jokes about watching those girls make out with other girls. So I did what any frustrated bisexual feminist would do on National Coming Out Day: I sought out feminist discussion.

After a totally awesome discussion on Facebook about what it means to identify as bisexual, I then surfed over to Feministe and found these Two. Awesome. Things.

Awesome Thing #1:
Jill posts on why it’s totally not cool for dudes to pressure their ladies to change their names after marriage.

Awesome Thing #2:
Feminist Ryan Gosling

Happy National Coming Out Day, kids.

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