New Jersey


I took a walk last night down to the center of town again with Jake. The roadblocks have been removed and the bridge was open again – it only took three days this time for the water to recede. There were families out working in their yards, emptying garages and basements of possessions that were flood-damaged. We saw chairs, bikes and toys, carpeting, and more.

For perspective:

This is the creek as of Saturday morning, just before the rain started (I posted this pic a few days ago):

Creek at Main Street, before the rain

And this is the same house, same spot (slightly different angle, since I had no markers to frame the shot by this time), three days later:

Creek at Main Street, 3 days later

It makes me sad. The guys at the Fire Department were out inspecting the trucks last night; they are located almost immediately across the street from the house pictured above, so I know the FD took on some water too. They are a hard-working crew.

I don’t know what to think when I see this. The people who live in those houses must be exhausted; this is something like the 4th flood in as many years.

I did see something that sparked my creative fuse, though, while we were walking. This is good, since I haven’t written anything substantial since April. Yes, April. School began in May and I have been so focused on the work that I haven’t made time for writing. This, though, started an idea that demands attention:


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