New Jersey

come on feel the noise

Just a quick storm update: despite my sarcastic update earlier this week, I do actually tend to get a little anxious during periods of intense rain. In 2004, there was a crazy-ass flood in Burlington County. Something like 15 inches of rain fell in a less than 24 hours, and as a result a series of dams failed. The resulting deluge put several towns under water.  I was living at the time next to a branch of the Rancocas Creek. Though I ended up with almost 6 feet of standing water in my backyard, I was fortunate: the house was built on a slope steep enough to keep water out of the main living area, and only my crawl space was flooded. My former brother-in-law and his family, however, were not so lucky. Their house was in one of the worst-hit areas, and they retained water up to the second floor of their home. You can see pictures of the flood & resulting damage here.

I am now living in Lumberton, where my former brother-in-law lived. My house is up the street from his old one, quite literally: I was fortunate enough to find a place in the “high” part of the downtown area (my current house just outside the flood range in 2004). This morning, after venturing out for some karate classes, Donna, Jacob and I took a walk to the bridge in the center of town, a bridge that was pretty much underwater in 2004. Here’s a view of the pre-Irene creek level, from the bridge:

Main Street, pre-Irene

The creek is a bit high, but not terribly so.

The rain has started in earnest now. Even so, the power is on, the winds haven’t picked up yet. We’re watching the water and crossing our fingers.

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