New Jersey


So you probs know by now that there’s a hurricane happening on the East Coast. Unless you’ve been living under a rock somewhere, in which case OMG THERE’S A HURRICANE OF MASS DESTRUCTION APPROACHING EVERYONE HURRY UP GET SOME WATER AND DUCT TAPE!

But for reals, here it is:

as of a day ago (or so)

It’s kind of creepy.

I am in the path of said hurricane. See?

Just so you know, we have done the following to prepare:

–closed all the windows
–furrowed our brows at the basement & hoped it would stay dry
–thought about where the duct tape might be
–invited everyone we know who lives in a shore town to come stay with us
–bought some groceries that will probably be useless, as they will require electricity for cooking or keeping cold
–laid the lawn chairs flat on the ground instead of standing upright

Also, today at lunch I went to Home Depot and watched my coworker buy rope and giant corkscrews that secure things into the ground.

And the final step in preparation: beer run!

I think we’re totally good, right?

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