catch up

that’s me in the spotlight.

Hello blog, I haven’t seen you in so long.

I should be doing a resolutions update, but I don’t feel like it. So instead, here’s a sort of other kind of update:

Poetry News
I have two new poems in the latest issue of Blood Lotus Journal, out now! It’s a beautiful journal, using the very cool flip-book technology, and I’m so happy to be a part of it.

My poem “In the Garden, the Stormtroopers” was selected for inclusion in Muzzle Magazine’s Best of Issue! Get your copy here, and you will also get the very awesome “Poem for Three Dead Girls of Last Summer,” by Rachel McKibbens. I cannot tell you how much I love this poem, and how excited I am to be placed right next to it!

I’ll be reading September 23 at the Big Blue Marble bookstore in Philly, and also on October 1 at the Collingswood Book Festival in…well, Collingswood.

Life News
Oh. Life. It’s bigger. It’s bigger than you, and you are not me, Michael Stipe, but you are so incredibly correct.
I was able to take a totally amazing vacation in San Francisco and it was wonderful. You can see the pictures here.

And then I took another vacation, this time with Donna and Jake, and we went to Hershey Park and a Lego Convention and to visit friends in Wildwood and we had a wonderful week.

And then in the midst of that I started my next three classes, which are Science and Fiction Writing and Spanish and I am overwhelmed. It is probably the most amount of work I have done for classes in a while and I’m exhausted.

And in the meantime, I have rediscovered my passionate love for Parks and Recreation. Amy Poehler is a comic genius.

Other Kinds of News
Um. My pants are suddenly too big for me. I had pizza for dinner. The second fact will negate the first at some point, I am sure.

I learned how to knife fight in kickboxing. Sort of. I would pretty quickly be disemboweled in real life.

Oh oh and Reflex is currently stalled due to a miscalculation in timing, but we’re going to resume pretty soon!

Ok, that’s about all I can stand. I’ll try to get back to regular blogging at some point.

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