5 month check up

This year is moving incredibly fast. This is good, in a way, as there are many things this year I’m looking forward to (2 weddings, a trip to my favorite city, a birthday celebration surprise that I think will knock my dear friend’s socks off). In another way, it’s sad and scary: time moves so quickly, and Jacob is getting older, which  means, of course, that I am getting older. But I am happy, so what more can I ask for?

  1. Jacob, Jacob, Jacob, Jacob.
    This is a resolution I love. May was a month of huge growth for Jake. He: took the NJ ASK test; got nominated (by me) and tested for the Gifted program at school (jury’s still out); ran his first solid mile for the karate fitness test (12:20, for those who like to know these things); ate sushi; shopped for new clothes; survived a 6-hour canoe run in the Pine Barrens. I adore this kid and the words that come out of his mouth are stunning.
  2. Continue to write nearly every weekend.
    Yes and no. I gave myself a break here, as school startedon May 1, and I have trouble doing both schoolwork and poetry. However, I did write a couple new things in May, and I did make it to Borders a few times for revision sessions, so I am still on track here.
  3. Send two submissions per month.
    Yes! In May I submitted to Borderline and to Painted Bride Quarterly; no news yet.
  4. Spend more time geocaching.
    I have to thank the awesome Ashley for helping me with this one in May, as her birthday celebration included geocaching!
  5. Participate in Donna’s Poetry Tow Truck exercises.
    Not in May. 😦
  6. Think about finding a new job, or learn to balance work/life more appropriately in this one.
    Work/life balance is happening. I am happier.
  7. Act less on impulse and more out of kindness.
    Impulses are interesting. Not all of my initial impulses are terrible, but some of them are unnecessary. I have been trying very hard to say only those things that are absolutely necessary. I have been trying to remember that everyone struggles with kindness and impulse, and that I should give them some leeway. I think it has been helping.
  8. Weed out the negativity.
    Getting easier, for sure.
  9. Make time to blog twice a week (it stimulates the muses, you know).
    Hah. Not in May, I didn’t. But again: school has taken up a large portion of my energy. Also, I think along with the “act less on impulse” resolution, I have started blog entries only to decide later that I shouldn’t write them. It happens.
  10. Take more pictures.
    Yes, I have been doing this. I am still kind of in love with the Hipstamatic and Instagram apps for iPhone; in fact, I entered a Hipstamatic photo in a contest (see here! – my wonderful friend Tapan playing a conch shell), although one day before the contest closes, I’m #55 on the leaderboard, which I think is not close enough to win. Ah, well.
  11. Stick with kickboxing.
    Yes! I sprained my ankle while landing a switch in class, and it was nasty. But I’m back in action! The class format is changing, too, effective tonight: more time on the bags, and then time with partners, which is a lot of fun.
  12. Lose some weight.
    Again: slowly. May was a difficult month, but I’m happy to say I maintained (no gain!).

I feel good about the progress I have made. It looks now like I have completed everything I can to date, and the remaining resolutions will continue through the year.

I’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking about the energy I put out, how others perceive me, how I react to that, and whether or not I care. I’ve also spent a lot of time evaluating relationships, trying to decide what’s healthy and what’s not. I feel like I’m getting smarter about putting out effort and learning who to trust. I’m feeling good about life right now.

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