Atlantic City is not a lovely place to be. However, Mexico on Ventnor Ave. makes the best damn margaritas I have ever tasted. And the enchiladas verdes are fantastico.

I spent this weekend celebrating Ashley‘s birthday. We geocached, we ate Mexican, we danced at a casino. We shopped at an Indian supermarket, we played badminton, I wrote a paper on James Franco with commentary from Ashley, Tim, Alex and Donna. It was a good weekend.

I realized this weekend, surrounded by people with whom I feel a reciprocity of energy, that I am making better choices than I used to. I am happy. My friends are challenging and beautiful.

Some other things you should check out:

Dean Young’s interview on Morning Edition (from this morning), which features a brand new, unpublished poem.

If you have not yet listened to Radiohead’s new album, The King of Limbs, I recommend you stop what you are doing (reading this blog) and listen to it RIGHT NOW. (Then come back and read this blog.)

This Joni Wallace poem.

Happy Monday.