friday goodness

friday goodness

Not a typical one, but: some random things that Jacob said recently that made me happy:

last night, completely unprompted:
You know, you’re the best mom ever.
Me: (laughing) Why do you say that?
J: I don’t know. I just think you are.

this morning, when I asked D how I looked before leaving for work:
You look so good!

last night, after explaining what a bomb threat is:
Why would a person do such a thing?
Me: I don’t know, pal. Some people like to scare people.
J: So, like, to get on the news?
Me: Well, maybe.
J: That’s stupid. It’s better to be on the news for doing nice things.

In other news, I heard this spot on NPR this morning from the StoryCorps series. The story (in case you’re too busy/lazy/uninterested to click on the link) is a conversation between a woman and the man who killed her son. The story focuses on the fact that this woman has forgiven her son’s murderer – so much so that she lives next door to him, and treats him as if he were her son.

What an impossible thing to do. This story is, of course, making me think more about the way I talk to people, the things I say, and whether or not my actions and reactions match my words.

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